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We offer a CPLD code upgrade for older units (sold October 2016 to June 2017) in order to give them the improved behavior of all newer units. You need to send in your SIDFX unit to get it upgraded. We only charge a negligible service fee per unit plus return shipping. If you wish to have multiple units upgraded then please add the corresponding quantity of this service to the cart before checkout. Within one business day after purchasing we will provide you with a RMA reference number and instructions on how to send in your unit. We aim to upgrade and ship your unit within 2 weeks after we receive it. Please note that any other items you may choose to purchase at the same time will be held and shipped together with your upgraded unit.


This is how the upgrade affects the behavior of SIDFX:


Software detection of installed SID types usually involves configuring voice 3 and reading the $D41B register. With two SIDs mapped at the same address space only one SID is allowed to respond to reads. Which one responds depends on the operating mode, switch 1 position and SIDFX batch (CPLD code revision).

Generally SID 1 responds when SIDFX is configured for "Mono SID1 only" or "Mono SID1+SID2".


Generally SID 2 responds when SIDFX is configured for "Mono SID2 only".

For SIDFX batch 1 (CPLD code revision 68, sold October 2016 to June 2017) the above behavior applies regardless of the switch 1 position.

Based on customer feedback we decided to change this for batch 2 in order to make the detection behavior more intuitive.

For SIDFX batch 2 (CPLD code revision 6A, sold November 2017 onward) the above behavior applies only when switch 1 is in the center position. Otherwise software detection follows the sound, i.e. SID 1 with switch 1 in the left position or SID 2 with switch 1 in the right position.


Our latest SIDFX configuration tool (version 1.2) is able to report the CPLD code revision by pressing the ‘?’ key.

SIDFX CPLD upgrade


We only accept online payments in Denmark's native currency DKK (Danish Kroner). The DKK and EUR currencies are firmly coupled with an average exchange rate of 1 DKK = 0.135 EUR plus any commissions to PayPal and your credit card company.

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