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The ultimate dual SID solution
Do you love listening to music on your Commodore 64/128?
Do you known that there are two SID chip models with quite different sound?
Do you wish to play your favorite tunes using the correct SID chip model?
Do you wish to select between SID chip models with the flick of a switch?
Do you wish to double the polyphony of synthesizer software like Cynthcart or MSSIAH?


Install any two SID models in your Commodore 64, SX-64, 128, 128D or C64 Reloaded
Play regular and stereo tunes, No soldering required

Get your current SID chip out of the socket and install SIDFX instead. Populate it with any one or two SIDs you might have.
No soldering or jumper settings, just connect the 4 included cables to the SIDFX unit. Easy software tool for configuration.

SIDFX front top view
SIDFX with cables
SIDFX rear bottom view

From 520 DKK (around 70 EUR) for non-EU customers

From 650 DKK (around 88 EUR) including VAT for EU customers



Made with love for SID

Use the provided "switch 1" cable to toggle between SID chips while listening.

The SIDFX API also allows SID players to read the installed SID types and automatically select the correct SID for each tune when the required meta data is available.

No soldering required


SIDFX is a fully assembled unit and comes with 4 cables ready to be attached to the unit.

These are 2 switch cables for manual selections, a mini-jack cable for direct audio-output and a cable with mini-grabbers which allow stereo addressing.

Plug'n'play - No jumpers!


Take any one or two SID chips and install them in the sockets of the SIDFX unit.

The model of each SID chip will be detected and the correct voltage and filter capacitors will be automatically selected, so your SIDs are safe with SIDFX.

Advanced config tool


You can build 3 custom config profiles which can be selected using the provided “switch 2”  cable at every reset or power-on of your computer.

The configuration tool allows setting mono- or stereo mode, memory space, boost level for 8580 digi playback and more.

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