Want a dual SID solution which can swap your SID model with a flick of a switch?

Want to be able to switch between 6581 and 8580 to play/hear all music/demos/games with the correct SID chip?

We present you: Project SIDFX

Just flick the hardware switch to force SID1 or SID2 or put it in auto and let the software decide.

No soldering required!

Get your existing SID out of the socket, insert the SID into SIDFX or replace it with any one or two other SIDs you might have. No jumper settings, just connect 4 cables to the unit.

Top features of the SIDFX unit

Advanced configuration tool

You can customize 3 configuration profiles which can be selected using “switch 2” (one of the cables that comes with the unit).

The configuration tool for SIDFX allows you to set single or stereo-mode, memory-space, specify digi-boost for 8580 and more.

Made with love for SID

Switch while playing music from one SID to the other, using “switch 1” (one of the cables that comes with the unit).

SIDFX was created so that future SID players can detect which SID models are mounted in the two sockets and set the correct model, if the SID player knows the preferred model for the tune it's playing.

Plug-in'N'Play - No jumpers!

Take any two functioning SID models and put them into any combination in the two sockets on the SIDFX unit.

The unit will auto-detect the models and set the voltages and filter-capacitors accordingly, so your SIDs are safe with SIDFX.

No soldering required

You don't need to solder anything, SIDFX comes as a complete product with 4 cables ready to be attached to the unit.

These are 2 switch cables for manual selections, a mini-jack cable for direct audio-output and a cable with grabbers to allow stereo addressing.

Product variants

SIDFX with standard cable length

Default for C64 breadbins, C64C and C128 chassis.

incl. VAT €74,99 (excl. VAT €59.99 [*])

SIDFX with extended length cables

This is for usage with SX-64, C128D and C128DCR.

incl. VAT €77,49 (excl. VAT €61.99 [*])

SIDFX + cables + SIDFX adapter

Use with Reloaded boards in C64C chassis

incl. VAT €87,49 (excl. VAT €69.99 [*])

Shipping costs

All prices are excluding shipping. The shipping cost is €10 which includes tracking for most countries.

[*] EU customers will be charged VAT

Lotus Electronics ApS is a danish company and by law required to apply danish VAT, which is 25% and only applicable to customers located in the European Union. Customers outside EU won’t be charged VAT, but the shipment might become subject to import taxes in your country.

We are excited to inform that we are manufacturing another SIDFX batch!

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest by signing up on the wish list.

Due to long lead times on several components we currently estimate that the first units ship out around November 2017.
We will treat the wish list as pre-orders, so please make sure that your wish list entry is up-to-date.

By exclusively accepting payments in our local currency DKK (Danish Kroner) we hope to maintain the previous approximate price level even though the batch size is smaller and the component costs have generally increased.

Do you wish to purchase a SIDFX unit? Then please go to the wishlist and sign yourself up. We will keep you up-to-date on any development on a regular basis.