Want a dual SID solution which can swap your SID model with a flick of a switch?

Want to be able to switch between 6581 and 8580 to play/hear all music/demos/games with the correct SID chip?

We present you: Project SIDFX

Just flick the hardware switch to force SID1 or SID2 or put it in auto and let the software decide.

No soldering required!

Get your existing SID out of the socket, insert the SID into SIDFX or replace it with any one or two other SIDs you might have. No jumper settings, just connect 4 cables to the unit.

Top features of the SIDFX unit

Advanced configuration tool

You can customize 3 configuration profiles which can be selected using “switch 2” (one of the cables that comes with the unit).

The configuration tool for SIDFX allows you to set single or stereo-mode, memory-space, specify digi-boost for 8580 and more.

Made with love for SID

Switch while playing music from one SID to the other, using “switch 1” (one of the cables that comes with the unit).

SIDFX was created so that future SID players can detect which SID models are mounted in the two sockets and set the correct model, if the SID player knows the preferred model for the tune it's playing.

Plug-in'N'Play - No jumpers!

Take any two functioning SID models and put them into any combination in the two sockets on the SIDFX unit.

The unit will auto-detect the models and set the voltages and filter-capacitors accordingly, so your SIDs are safe with SIDFX.

No soldering required

You don't need to solder anything, SIDFX comes as a complete product with 4 cables ready to be attached to the unit.

These are 2 switch cables for manual selections, a mini-jack cable for direct audio-output and a cable with grabbers to allow stereo addressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SID models across C64/SX-64/C128 models?

Yes, the SIDFX unit is designed to detect the SID model in each socket and set voltage and filter-caps accordingly. You can even override this if your SID is semi-defective and not detected correctly.

So putting a 6581 in a C64C or two 8580 inside a C64 breadbin or a 6581 and a 8580 in a C128 - every combo you like, is possible. Just plug it in. No soldering required.

Will it work with Reloaded motherboards?

The SIDFX is designed to be transparent (“stealth”) to any C64/SX-64/C128 model it is installed into.

Technically there is no reason why SIDFX wouldn't work with Reloaded. But the increased height of the ZIF socket on some Reloaded boards, might prevent the SIDFX from fitting below the keyboard of a C64C, but if Reloaded is installed in a bread-bin there should be plenty of room. (We haven't been able to confirm this as we currently don't have a Reloaded board available for testing)

Where does the 2nd SID appear in memorymap?

The SIDFX's 2nd SID socket can be configured to map at 3 locations: $D420, $D500 and $DE00. These are the typical address spaces for dual/stereo SID solutions.

For dual/stereo SID tunes, $D420 is most commonly used, but $D500 has been used as well. MSSIAH seems to work with the $DE00 address space only. We haven’t had a cartridge for test yet, but from the 2SID specifications, this should work too.

When will SIDFX be ready?

We expect to be able to ship October 2016. We are currently awaiting final production prices and need to figure out how many units to produce.

Unfortunately there are NO plans for a 2nd production run as the startup costs are excessive for smaller batches.

400 units pre-ordered - thanks!

No more pre-orders possible... sorry, if you missed it!

This project has gone beyond our expection and we are happy to announce the new reduced prices + finally go into production.

As the pre-order phase is over, and payment will be requested soon, a few people might still lower their amount of units or cancel/not being able to pay as expected, so we have decided to keep a waiting list in-case some units aren't paid for/some cancel their pre-orders.

Please note: registrating on the waiting list is NOT equal to be getting a unit, but we will ask people on this waiting list before announcing any spare units for normal sales, in case there are any units left.

ETA: We still expect to ship all units during October 2016.

Ultra optimistic waiting-list