Can I switch between 6581 and 8580 while it's playing?

Yes, the unit comes with 4 cables, including two switches, where switch #1 allows you to swap while the program is playing the music.

The original idea for the SIDFX was to build a unit that would allow you to play your favorite game/demo/tune on any C64/C128 model and still experience the correct sound.

Can I use SID models across C64/SX-64/C128 models?

Yes, the SIDFX unit is designed to detect the SID model in each socket and set voltage and filter-caps accordingly. With a special firmware installed, you can even override this if your SID is semi-defective and not detected correctly.

So putting a 6581 in a C64C or two 8580 inside a C64 breadbin or a 6581 and a 8580 in a C128 - every combo you like, is possible. Just plug it in. No soldering required.

Will it work with C64 Reloaded?

Yes! But if your C64 Reloaded motherboard has ZIF sockets and is installed in a C64C chassis then you will need our special SIDFX adapter. It will allow fitting SIDFX below the keyboard. If C64 Reloaded is installed in a bread-bin chassis or doesn’t have ZIF sockets then the adapter is not required.

Does it have a better and less noise filled output?

One of the 4 cables is a stereo mini-jack that is directly connected to the SIDFX unit to avoid the noise generated in the video signal.

The SID hardware takes several measures to suppress noise produced by the C64 and the SID chips themselves.

Will it also work with C64 Reloaded MK2?

We are currently investigating the interoperability with help from some of our customers but we do expect SIDFX to be fully compatible when installed in the SID1 socket. As with C64 Reloaded “MK1” the ZIF sockets prohibit using SIDFX when installed in a C64C chassis without use of a special SIDFX adapter that allows fitting SIDFX below the keyboard. But due to the changed layout of C64 Reloaded MK2 a new adapter may be required. We will keep this FAQ updated regarding any development, so check back soon.

Will it work with SwinSID?

Yes, SwinSID Nano and SwinSID Ultimate have both been confirmed to work with SIDFX. But you will need to contact us for a special SIDFX firmware that will allow manual configuration of the SID types because SwinSID is not compatible with standard detection methods.

No soldering required, okay - but do I need to assemble anything?

SIDFX comes as a completed unit, but you will need unmount the SID chip from your computer and mount it in the SIDFX socket, then install SIDFX in the SID socket of your computer. Depending on your computer model you may also need to slightly bend certain components around the SID socket to make sufficient room for SIDFX.

Check the Manual page for details on installation.

Do I need to use all 4 cables?

No they are not required for the SIDFX to work, but you get the most flexibility by using them.

Of course it depends on what your usage will be, we just want to provide you with as many options as possible.

See manual for cable explanation.

Will the cables be long enough for e.g. my C128D?

The standard cable length has been chosen to fit all regular C64/C64C/C128 cases, but for a small extra fee longer cables are available for use with SX-64, C128D and C128DCR

Where does the 2nd SID appear in memorymap?

The SIDFX's 2nd SID socket can be configured to map at 3 locations: $D420, $D500 and $DE00. These are the typical address spaces for dual/stereo SID solutions.

For dual/stereo SID tunes, $D420 is most commonly used, but $D500 has been used as well and some with the $DE00 address.

Will this work with MSSIAH/Prophet64?

Yes, we have several customers confirming that MSSIAH also works with SIDFX.

Manufacturing of batch 2 is complete so we now have plenty of available stock!

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest by signing up on the wish list.

By exclusively accepting PayPal payments in our local currency DKK (Danish Kroner) we have been able to almost maintain the previous price level (only around €2 to €3 increase) even though this second batch size is much smaller and the component and manufacturing costs have generally increased.

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